Why Keto?

The Ketogenic Diet is a diet consisting of mostly fat with some veggies and protein.  In order to get into Ketosis (fat burning) you will need to keep your carb intake between 20 and 50 Grams per day. Ideally, in the beginning you want it at 20 or less. Carbs will be the only thing you count. You will count Net Carbs which is Carbs – Fiber.  Fiber is indigestible, so doesn’t count. It has no effect on your blood sugar.  Your carbs will come from veggies (which you don’t have to count) and incidental carbs from things like nuts. You will not eat junk food like sugar and grains. Many people try to count macros and calories but I find it unnecessary. If you are eating the right type of fat and the correct portion of protein you will only need to count any non-veggie carbs. It’s that simple.

There are many benefits to following a Keto diet. Most people are initially attracted to the weight loss potential. Once they convert to a Keto diet they discover many other benefits such as reduced blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduced triglycerides, increased good HDL cholesterol, prevention of diseases such as PCOS, cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and increased energy and brain function. Your brain’s preferred fuel is fat!