About Intermittent Fasting and One Meal A Day

Intermittent Fasting consists of fasting for 8-16 hours per day, typically after dinner each night. This translates to skipping breakfast and or lunch. One Meal A Day allows for an eating window of 1-2 hours and a fasting window of 22-23 hours. Most OMAD-ers eat only dinner, but your meal could be any time of day. OMAD is extremely effective at healing insulin resistance and blood sugar issues as well as breaking through plateaus and the dreaded menopause related stubborn weight loss. OMAD stimulates maximum growth hormone which fights aging and helps improve sleep, sex and muscle growth. You will gradually work up to this, one hour at a time, over 4 weeks.  This gentle approach gives your body time to adjust, thus avoiding Keto Flu and other symptoms. Once you reach your goal weight you will gracefully move back into 2-3 meals per day while maintaining your weight loss.